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The TVAA Baseball and Softball races are heating up. The TVAA Tie-Breakers procedures were updated this past fall and will be as follows:

Playoffs will be held at the end of the regular season with dates predetermined. No playoff will consist of more than four (4) teams. The Divisional Champions (2) will each be guaranteed a spot along with two (2) wild card teams. The wild card slots will be awarded to the two teams with the best overall league records after the two divisional champions are determined. The divisional winners would be seeds 1 and 2 and the wild cards slots would be seeds 3 and 4 based on overall league record.

If teams are tied for 1st in the division or tied for one of the wild card spots, it will be broken with the tie-breaker procedures.

Participation in the TVAA playoffs is voluntary. If a school chooses not to participate they would need to give at least two-week notice prior to the first league playoff date. Failure to give a two-week notice will result in a $50 fine.


  1. The team with the best overall league record.

  2. Head to Head record between the two teams.

  3. Aggregate score between the two tied teams in league contests.

  4. Record versus the opposite Division Champ.

  5. Aggregate score between the opposite Division Champ

  6. Record versus the 3rd place team in own Division

  7. Aggregate score versus the 3rd place team in own Division

  8. Continue record and aggregate score down through the remainder of teams in division then to opposite division until tie is broken.

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