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TVAA Softball Playoff Preview


The TVAA Softball Playoffs will be played by Upper Dauphin, Millersburg, Greenwood, and Susquenita on Tuesday May 16th. The matchups will be Susquenita at Upper Dauphin and Millersburg at Greenwood.

Leading the Eastern Division is the Trojans of Upper Dauphin. The Trojans are undefeated in the league and 12-4 overall. Their hitting gets them ahead in the game with Lexi Weaver being a top hitter in the league having 19 hits and RBIs and also 8 homeruns. Lea Lenker helps out with getting the score up as she is leading the league with runs with 18. On the defensive end, Lexi Weaver is a strong pitcher on the mound with a strong team on the field.

The Trojans will be facing the Blackhawks of Susquenita who are second in the Western Division and are 8-3 in the league. Defensively the Blackhawks have help from Stephanie Klinger who is second in the league with strikeouts and wins. Offensively, Chelsea Gray helps to get the ball in play as she is second in the league with hits this season.

Leading the Western Division is the Wildcats of Greenwood with a league record of 10-2. Maddy Pyle and Nikki Willi work the offensive end as they are two top hitters for the Wildcats leading the league in hits, runs, and RBIs. On the defensive end, Courtney Fleisher is a beast on the mound leading the league in both strikeouts and wins this season.

The Indians of Millersburg will be the opponent of Greenwood. Millersburg made it to this point with a league record of 6-5. Millersburg is helped out by Lacy Strait and Lydia Troutman who know how to swing the bat as they are both top leaders in hits and RBIs. Defensively, Cheyanne Phillips can create a challenge when put on the mound.

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