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TVAA Baseball Playoff Preview

On Tuesday May 16th the TVAA Baseball Playoffs will begin with the first game being between Upper Dauphin and Millersburg due to the three way tie in the Eastern Division.

The Indians of Millersburg have a strong defensive side which has lead them this far. Christian Wingard is the strong center for the team leading the league in strikeouts and is one of the top leaders of wins this season. Offensively, Logan Troutman plays a key role in earning runs being on the top charts for RBIs.

Upper Dauphin has battled their way back in the competition with their defensive strategy. The Trojans have three key pitchers this year (Connor Deitrich, Hoyt Stiely, and Dylan Lower) who all can keep the team in a strong position. Offensively, Carson Barge helps move the team around the bases as he has one of the highest batting averages in the league and is one of the top leaders in hits for this season.

Also from the Eastern Division is the Wildcats of Halifax. Their offensive work keeps them ahead in the game with Lowell Divens having the top batting average in the league and Nathan Blasick being one of the top in runs this season. On the defensive end, Luke Blasick is a key component when on the mound being one of the top in strikeouts and the top leader in wins for this season with a strong fielding team behind him.

The Blackhawks of Susquenita are leading the Western Division with a league record of 10-2. Alex Forrer offensively and defensively gets the team moving, leading the league in categories on each end. Dane Barrick helps out offensively with getting the ball off the bat as he is a top leader in hits for the league. Defensively, Cole Falduts is a strong suit to the team as he is a league leader in wins this season.

Holding the second place spot in the Western Division is the Juniata Indians with a league record of 9-3. Spencer Page is the offensive leader to the team as he is the top leader in hits and RBIs this year and has one of the highest batting averages in the league. Dakota Nealman is the defensive team leader when on the mound. He is a leader in strikeouts for this season and also wins.

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